Friday, March 1, 2013

The nicest people I've ever met live in Oklahoma.

From the minute we arrived in Oaklahoma at the toll booth on interstate 44 we knew this place was inhabited by the nicest people we've ever met. When have you ever known a guy working at a toll booth to welcome you, ask where you are headed and tell you to have a good time?

We crashed in the car around 3:45am after driving for what seemed like forever on no sleep. Elisa woke up at a little after five and drove the rest of the way to Tulsa. We found a little diner with a sign out front that said "two eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy $2.99" Inside were a bunch of gray haired people smoking cigarettes and eating eggs (yes, at the same time).

After breakfast we headed over to the largest free standing sculpture in the world. Its a giant gold sculpture of an oil driller with "Tulsa" on his belt.

Then we were off to Oklahoma city. We stopped in a Starbucks and got some more coffee and plugged in Elisa's laptop. Oklahoma City is nice, but there wasnt any time to play. We got an oil change and got right back on the road.

We were gonna try to make it all the way to Albuquerque by that night (Thursday? Friday? What is today? Can't remember), but about half way to Amarillo we knew we wouldn't make it another five hours on the road. In Amarillo we saw the Cadillac Ranch, graffitied Cadillacs that are stuck nose first in the sand and then checked into the Red Roof Inn. Knowing that falling asleep too early would be a mistake, we found a Mexican restaurant and got some food and some margaritas and I got very drunk very easily. It was awesome.

And then there was sleep.  Finally. I think we drove for 26.5hrs, only stopping 1.5hrs to rest. We won't be doing much more of that, don't worry. It's just before noon and we should be in Albuquerque soon where we will stay at a very nice hotel, compliments of the wonderful Joe and Karen Tashjian to whom we are ever so grateful. It's going to be smooth easy sailing from here... or so we hope. More tomorrow maybe.



  1. "We crashed in the car around 3:45am after driving for what seemed like forever on no sleep"......interesting choice of words and i appreciate the fine distinction between crashed IN the car and crashed the car......

  2. Oh wow yeah I guess that could have been misunderstood! Blogging from your cell phone doesn't promote any other style than stream of consciousness really. Not much editing done on these blurbs :) But no we didn't crash the car we just napped :) I'm no happy you guys are reading these!